Kingdom Coffee

Visual Identity

Kingdom Coffee is a coffee roaster with two locations in Springfield, MO. They specialize in sourcing and roasting vibrant coffees grown and prepared by the world's finest coffee farms.

For many, coffee drinking is a daily ritual. The clockwork cups can begin to feel like working a 9 to 5. An exceptional cup of coffee brings magic to the mundane. Kingdom wanted a brand identity to express their quest for the perfect cup and great coffee’s way of making the routine radiant.

A Growing Brand

Kingdom’s primary symbols are a unicorn and a coffee plant, visually inspired by traditional cut paper art. The two grow and expand to fit their settings. This pairs with some traditional folk quilt patterning to create something new, yet familiar.

“All True has been an amazing partner to our growing business. We gave them a vague idea and they wowed us with a creative and beautiful brand. Plus, it was nice that they were cool with being paid in black coffee.”

Isaac Neale
Owner, Kingdom Coffee