Visual Identity

Batshit is a Los Angeles based video production company formed by a roster of friends and collaborators. They came to us looking for a brand 
as unconventional and attention-grabbing as their work.

Batshit had a bat animation they wanted to represent their company with, but they didn’t know how to build a brand around it.

We supported the bat with traditional visual identity assets while being careful not to let things look too traditional.

The Batsterisk

We created a batty brandmark that can standalone or stand-in on their safe-for-work logotype.We provided both clean and rough versions for versatility in tone and use.

The Batsterisk makes a perfect quick tag and can be slapped on gear with four pieces of gaff tapeon the fly.

“My business partners and I could not be happier with the service they provided. Jesse and Jacob took our rough sketch ideas and all over the place concepts and narrowed it down to a clear, memorable, and, not to mention, beautiful branding package.”

Kaylinn Clotfelter
Director, Batshit