Future Commerce

Visual Identity
Print Design

Key Collaborators:
Archetype Portraits: Reid Mitchell
Book Design: Madalena Espírito
Archetypes NYC Video: Jason Lee

Archetypes Journal is a collection of writing and photos about brands and the stories they tell.

Archetypes are universal characters and symbols that have appeared in stories for all of time. We created a constellation-inspired symbol to represent the 12 archetypes. We also used the logotype’s ‘A’ in a rectangle to evoke feelings of illuminated manuscripts ornate drop caps.

Future Commerce’s Archetypes Journal is a look at present day commerce and culture through the perspective of the 12 storytelling archetypes. We led the design of a 200+ page book filled with original writing, images, and illustrations.

Archetypal Portraits

We commissioned a series of portraits by Memphis photographer Reid Mitchell to represent each of the 12 archetypes.

For Future Commerce Archetypes events, guests took a quiz to discover their own archetype and received a portrait of themselves in the style of their archetype.

Archetypes launched during Miami’s Art Basel. Guests were guided through a multi-stage experience featuring visual art and modern dance performances inspired by the Archetypes.

We helped bring the Archetypes experience to NYC with a collaborative Future Commerce + Industry West popup.

“All True's work on Archetypes is unparalleled in our industry. Jesse and Jacob are masters of their craft and what we accomplished with them will stand the test of time.”

Brian Lange
Co-founder, Future Commerce