Common Interest
Visual Identity

Common Interest is a multi-disciplinary commercial creative studio based in Philadelphia.

Common Interest logotype in white on a green background

Philly video production studio Spicy Boys Club came to us looking for help creating a new sub-brand to target commercial clients. We helped them name this new endeavor and created a visual identity to match.

Common Interest’s target audience is business owners looking for video content that will help them connect with their customers. Often, this is for what most creatives might consider “boring” industries and products.

By bringing sincere curiosity and attention to business objectives on each project, Common Interest creates content that is engaging and memorable, no matter what the subject.

The brandmark depicts an eye with the letters C and I forming the pupil. The monogram imitates the cent symbol, “¢”, forming a coin at the center of the eye.

Black Common Interest logo on orange backgroundCommon Interest Letterhead, Envelope, and Business CardGIF of variations in layout for Common Interest stationary

The Common Interest team wanted their brand to appeal to business decision makers without feeling bland or generic.

The visual identity is built around a strong symbol and simple color palette, modeled after more traditional corporate identity design. Common Interest’s logotype is modular and can be resized and arranged for different proportions.

"We knew what we wanted our brand to do and how we wanted it to feel, but we had no idea what to call it or what it should look like. All True had us come out swinging with a strong identity and helped us land on a name that we couldn't love more."

Matthew Kalapuch
Co-founder, Common Interest

Orange packing tape with Common Interest branding
White tote bag with Common Interest branding in green printGreen rain jacket with orange label with Common Interest logo on it.Laptop with Common Interest website