Spicy Boys Club
Visual Identity

Spicy Boys Club is a family of creative brands in Fishtown, Philadelphia

Beige Spicy Boys Club logotype on blue background

Spicy Boys Club came to us as a video production company with a wide range of clients, from rappers to churches to Fortune 500 companies. They wanted to launch sub-brands for niche offerings and transition SBC to be a parent company to them all.

Spicy Boys Club company logos

In addition to creating a visual identity for Spicy Boys Club, we helped them name and brand Common Interest, 
a new business targeting commercial clients and we did a refresh for Midvessel, their directing and production company focused
on music videos.

Spicy Boys Club business cards on gray tableSpicy Boys brandmark, a fish with one eye smoking a cigarette and wearing a small sailor's cap

Spicy Boys Club’s original logo was an illustration of a fish smoking a cigarette, which we thought was really cool. Our updated version acts as a mascot and brandmark, and is a counter balance for their more corporate and formal logotype and design system.

This balancing act is reflective of the business itself. They’re a holding company, but one that’s less suit and tie and more band tee and vans.

The signature visual for the Spicy Boys Club is a simple green sticker designed to be slapped on camera gear, apple boxes, car bumpers, and dive bar bathrooms. Our hope is that this smoking fish will become a familiar sight in the Fishtown neighborhood.

Green sticker with Spicy Boys Club logo in urban setting

"We came to All True for some guidance as we expanded and rebranded last year. The process they've developed made it easy for our team to lock in on the crucial pieces of what we do and focus that into a unique identity we get complimented for all the time."

Matthew Kalapuch
Co-founder, Spicy Boys Club

Beige Spicy Boys Club logotype on blue backgroundSpicy Boys Club lighted signWhite Spicy Boys Club t-shirt with blue printSpicy Boys Club outdoor posters