Mayfair Naturals

Visual Identity

Mayfair Naturals is a supplement company offering daily products for wellness and vitality.

Mayfair Naturals offers daily supplements from globally sourced natural ingredients. We helped Mayfair Naturals build a brand that helps showcase their promise of a better everyday through natural products.

The Mayfair Naturals brandmark is a pinwheel, a symbol of youthfulness and energy. Inspired by wind's gentle push, it reflects the brand's effort to harness nature's power for individual wellness and momentum.

Mayfair Naturals was started by three brothers. The name "Mayfair" comes from the street the founders grew up on. The name added a personal touch and draws a connection to the feeling of youth and vitality their products support.

Mayfair Naturals doesn’t target a specific audience or demographic with their products. They sell on Amazon and primarily compete on price. They needed the packaging system to be flexible enough for many different products.