Clover Goods
Visual Identity

Clover Goods offers handmade and carefully-sourced jewelry prioritizing quality materials.

Clover Goods was started by visual artist Erin Tyler in Springfield, Missouri. In her work with jewelry, she seeks elegant and intriguing materials for minimalistic designs that complement their wearer.

The name Clover Goods is inspired by a pair of memories from the founder’s upbringing. The first, sitting in the grass and weaving clover bracelets with friends in the summer sun. The second, O’Sullivan Industries, a company started in the owner’s hometown by her great grandfather. She grew up seeing their clover logo throughout her town and in products at home.

The brandmark is constructed using the logotype’s C. When rotated and repeated, it depicts the letters C and G while forming the shape of a four-leaf clover.

“As an artist, I was afraid of trusting someone else with my brand. All True understood my work and created a beautiful visual identity for it.”

Erin Tyler
Owner Clover Goods